Crystals, Yoga, Meditation, and Chakras with Essential Oils

Crystals & Oils

Script by Victoria Moore

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How Crystals and Essential Oils Work Together

So what do crystals and essential oils have in common? Well, they’re both made from earth’s natural resources and often used for healing purposes — crystals are, of course, naturally-occurring minerals found all over the globe, while essential oils are distilled directly from plants, trees, and flowers.

Using essential oils for healing is wildly popular, as these potent plant essences are touted for their physical and emotional benefits, and used in various forms for different types of ailments (they can be applied topically, diffused in water, and sometimes even ingested). Similarly, crystals are revered for their purported healing benefits (and, yes, probably also because they’re pretty to look at), and cultures around the globe have used crystals for healing for thousands of years.

Just like yoga and meditation work on the same line, healing crystals and aromatherapy work together to enhance the energy levels. Paired correctly, they can also enhance or amplify each other’s potent ability or help you reach your goal in a better way. If you are a beginner, you can try experimenting with the oils and the crystals and see what works for you, or you could seek help from a healer to align your energies and keep the stress away.

Oils, Crystals and Vibrational Frequency

It is important to know that everything is energy. Everything in our existence is part of an interconnected web of electromagnetic vibrational frequencies. People, plants, tables, animals, rocks, are all made up of electromagnetic vibrational frequencies.

Our frequency can change due to environmental and physiological factors. Trapped emotions stored in our organs, muscles and tissues as pockets of electromagnetic energy also have a negative influence on our well-being. Disharmony and imbalance in the body’s energy field shows up long before it becomes a physical problem.

We can influence our energetic frequency by what we come into contact with, eat, think, listen to, etc. Using tools such as crystals and essential oils can help to raise our vibration. Each have a different vibrational frequency and will interact differently within the body and harmonize with different cells and body systems.

For example, if you chose Amethyst as your crystal and after researching, feel you need it for confidence, then look to your oils reference guide and choose an oil(s) you would use for confidence and allow them both to help raise your vibration.

Ancient cultures believe that the body has a natural tendency towards wellness and if you listen to the body will instinctively know what is good for you. Being attracted to a particular crystal or oil can mean it has properties that resonate with your needs.

Crystals and Essential Oil Pairs:

***These are just suggestions! Feel free to use whatever oils or crystals call to you.


Balances physical, mental and emotional bodies; Transmutes negative energy; Tunes endocrine system; Brings Restful Sleep. Pair with lavender for relaxing properties.


This stone is energizing and recharging. It enhances concentrations, is helpful for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, stimulates digestion and raises self-esteem and confidence. Pair with Lemon to energize.

Rose Quartz:

This stone enhances feelings of unconditional love and promotes peace. It is helpful to ward off negative energy and replaces it with love. Used for releasing unexpressed emotions and encouraging self-forgiveness and acceptance. Pair with the blend Joy to inspire feelings of love and compassion.

Smokey Quartz:

This stone is great for promoting grounding and anchoring. It brings emotional calmness, dissolves negative emotions and enhances concentration and mindfulness. Pair with Frankincense to enhance grounding.

Crystal Quartz:

This is a master healer stone. It helps to stimulate the immune system. It raises vibration to the highest level, Improves concentration and memory and is an Energy amplifier. Pair with White Angelica blend to cleanse and protect the aura.

Lapis Lazuli:

This crystal is used to harmonize physical; emotional, mental and spiritual levels. It is a powerful thought amplifier and encourages creativity. It is used to release stress and bring deep peace. Pair with Valor to enhance confidence and courage.


This stone brings clarity of mind and clears confusion. It assists judgement and insight and helps to tap into the subconscious. Pair with Cedarwood to relax the body and enhance concentration.


This stone doesn’t have the look of a typical healing stone or crystal, but has grounding properties that promote strength, courage and stability during times of change. It has calming but intense energy. Pair with any favorite oil of your choice!

How to Use Essential Oils and Crystals Together

There are different ways you can use essential oils and crystals together to raise your frequency. Here are 3 different recommendations for how you can use them:

  1. Add oil to a diffuser or on your wrists during meditation while holding the crystal of your choice.
  2. Mix your essential blend as usual, adding the essential oils and carrier oil directly into the bottle with crystals chips. They also have roll-on bottles with crystal roller tops.
  3. Apply oils directly to lava stone jewelry for a naturally diffusing affect.

Yoga + Meditation with Essential Oils

Author: Victoria Moore

What is Meditation?

Meditation is an experience that engages your mind and can offer both relaxation and energizing benefits. It develops a mind-body connection that encompasses fitness, health, and wellness. Essential Oils are a great way to further deepen that connection and ignite your inner senses. Meditation exercises when practiced regularly can be powerful, calming the nerves and bringing the mind to a restful state. Research is showing that meditation may physically change the brain and the body and can potentially improve health and promote healthy behavior.

How Essential Oils Work

Of the five senses, our sense of smell is the most primitive and most closely associated with our emotions and how our body respond to them. Essential oils can activate the limbic region of the brain to release emotions that are stored there, including emotions that have been stored in our DNA from previous generations. Together with a balanced diet, nutrition, adequate exercise and water, Aromatherapy can help you achieve a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. It can become a part of your daily routine and when paired with other mind body exercises can also help to gently access the deeper, unconscious levels of physical process, including the release of habitual tensions and emotional blocks.

How to Essential Oils can enhance meditation and yoga practice

Essential oils are a great tool for deepening your meditation or yoga practice. One of the ways to help you enter a meditative state is to use essential oils that bring focus, clarity, relaxation and spiritual connection. You can choose a single oil that your intuition tells you is perfect for you in this moment, or you can choose or create your own blends that help you relax. Because of their thousands of benefits, essential oils are able to stimulate deep breathing, therefore improving this aspect of your yoga practice. The practice of yoga includes holding postures (asanas) and observing prana (life force energy) in the body to strengthen the connection we have to the energy flow in our bodies. Essential oils are known to aid in this process, and further support the practice of yoga through aromatherapy.

The quickest ways to bring your body back into balance is through natural therapies such as Aromatherapy, Meditation and Reiki. Both meditation and essential oils help to stimulate the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. When paired together they do wonders for managing emotional wellness and releasing negative thoughts and feelings. The more these tools are used, and in conjunction with each other, the quicker we can stimulate the relaxation response when we find our self in a stressful situation.

Simple Ways to use Essential Oils

    • Simple ways to use essential oils during yoga and meditation practices are to apply essential oils topically at specific points such as the wrists, behind the ears or the third-eye or heart chakra, or use a diffuser.

Essential Oils for Grounding

    • Patchouli
    • Clove
    • Cinnamon
    • Clary Sage
    • Ginger
    • Cypress
    • Palo Santo
    • Sandalwood
    • Cedarwood
    • Myrrh
    • Vetiver

Essential Oils for Uplifting

    • Bergamot
    • Grapefruit
    • Lime
    • Orange
    • Ylang Ylang
    • Lemongrass
    • Rosemary
    • Geranium
    • Citrus Fresh

Essential Oils for Restoration & Relaxation

    • Sandalwood
    • Peace & Calming
    • Chamomile
    • Myrrh
    • Valor
    • Joy
    • Rose
    • Vetiver
    • Orange

Young Living Blends to compliment meditation and yoga

    • Faith
    • Clarity
    • Believe
    • Inspiration
    • Envision
    • Harmony
    • Gratitude

Yoga Mat Spray Recipe

    • Glass Spray Bottle (where to buy)
    • Choose Your Favorite Essential Oils such as: Tea Tree, Purification, Citrus Fresh, Lavender & Lemon.
    • 4 oz Distilled Water
    • Mix in a spray bottle and add 6-8 drops of your favorite essential Oils. Use this spray on your mat as an aromatic boost before class or to clean your mat after your practice.

Zen Roll-on

    • Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil (where to buy)
    • Glass Roller Bottle (where to buy)
    • Essential Oils of your choice: Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Frankincense, Geranium
    • Keep this roll-on in your yoga or gym bag and roll-on the wrists, temples and/or back of the neck.

Chakras & Essential Oils

Author: Victoria Moore

What are Chakras?

The seven chakras are the centers in our bodies in which energy flows through.

The Sanskrit word Chakra literally translates to wheel or disk. In yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda, this term refers to wheels of energy throughout the body. There are seven main chakras, which align the spine, starting from the base of the spine through to the crown of the head. To visualize a chakra in the body, imagine a swirling wheel of energy where matter and consciousness meet. This invisible energy, called Prana, is vital life force, which keeps us vibrant, healthy, and alive.

These swirling wheels of energy correspond to massive nerve centers in the body. Each of the seven main chakras contains bundles of nerves and major organs as well as our psychological, emotional, and spiritual states of being. Since everything is moving, it’s essential that our seven main chakras stay open, aligned, and fluid. If there is a blockage, energy cannot flow. Chakras are each thought to govern a unique emotional and spiritual state. How energy flows through these centers greatly affects us. Balanced chakras allow energy to flow freely, promoting health, vitality, and harmony. But life experiences such as illness, trauma, and stress can cause imbalances which block the flow of energy. These imbalances produce a wide array of ailments & disturbances and can result in chronic illness, disease, and habitual patterns of thinking, feeling, & behaving.

Blocked energy in our seven chakras can often lead to illness, so it’s important to understand what each chakra represents and what we can do to keep this energy flowing freely. Fortunately, chakras can be cleared, rebalanced, and energized through yoga, Pranayama (breathing), meditation, and essential oils.

Root Chakra: Muladhara

Represents our foundation and feeling of being grounded. It is the chakra of stability, security, and our basic needs. When this chakra is open, we feel safe and fearless. Location: Base of spine in tailbone area. It encompasses the first three vertebrae, the bladder, and the colon. Emotional issues: Survival issues such as financial independence, money and food. The color associated with this Chakra is Red.

Sacral Chakra : Svadhisthana

Our connection and ability to accept others and new experiences. This chakra is the center of our creativity and sexuality and is responsible for our creative expression. Location: Lower abdomen, above pubic bone, about two inches below the navel and two inches in. Emotional issues: Sense of abundance, well-being, pleasure and sexuality. The color associated with this Chakra is Orange.

Solar Plexus Chakra: Manipura

Our ability to be confident and in control of our lives. This Chakra is our source of personal power. Location: Upper abdomen in the stomach area between navel and breastbone. Emotional issues: Self-worth, self-confidence and self-esteem. The color associated with this Chakra is Yellow.

Heart Chakra: Anahata

Our ability to love. This chakra is our source of love and connection. Location: Center of chest just above the heart. Emotional issues: Love, joy and inner peace. The color associated with this Chakra is green.

Throat Chakra: Visuddha

Our ability to communicate. This is our source of verbal expression and the ability to speak our highest truth. Location: Throat. Includes the neck, thyroid, and parathyroid glands, jaw, mouth, and tongue. Emotional issues: Communication, self-expression of feelings and the truth. The color associated with this Chakra is blue.

Third Eye Chakra: Ajna

Our ability to focus on and see the big picture. This chakra is the center of intuition. We all have a sense of intuition but we may not listen to it or heed its warnings. Focusing on opening the sixth chakra will help you hone this ability. Location: Forehead between the eyes (also called the Brow Chakra). Emotional issues: Intuition, imagination, wisdom and the ability to think and make decisions.The color associated with this Chakra is Indigo.

Crown Chakra: Sahasrara

The highest chakra represents our ability to be fully connected spiritually. This is the chakra of enlightenment and spiritual connection to our higher selves, others, and ultimately, to the divine. Location: The very top/crown of the head. Emotional issues: Inner and outer beauty, our connection to spirituality and pure bliss. The color associated with this Chakra is purple.

How to Use Essential Oils to Balance the Chakras

There are many types of “tools” that help guide us to a deeper awareness of our higher consciousness. Essential oils are one, of many, that can facilitate activation of our higher selves. When experienced first hand one realizes the magical mysticism essential oils possess. They are much more than a beautiful scent. Essential oils are powerful gifts meant to be cherished. They bring peace, love and light everywhere they are sensed. These incredible earth essences elevate and enlighten one’s consciousness. Each one is a precious guide to a deeper awareness of life, energy and spirituality. Consider using the suggested oils topically (diluted per label instruction) on the area of the body corresponding with each chakra, or trying the Chakra Balancing Roll-on recipe below!

  • Root Chakra – Sandalwood, patchouli, cypress, elemi, cedarwood, rosewood, frankincense, clary sage, vetiver, carrot seed, cardamon, clove, ginger.
  • Sacral Chakra – Clary sage, geranium, jasmine, melissa, neroli, ylang ylang, tangerine, rose, rose geranium, vetiver, patchouli, cinnamon, Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon.
  • Solar Plexus Chakra – Juniper, frankincense, sandalwood, fennel, vetiver, cedarwood, lavender, helichrysum, myrrh, ginger, lemon, lemongrass, black pepper, rosemary, marjoram, oregano, thyme, cinnamon, peppermint.
  • Heart Chakra – Rose, geranium, bergamot, neroli, melissa, sandalwood, chamomile, ylang ylang, jasmine, lavender.
  • Throat Chakra – Lavender, Roman chamomile, spearmint, frankincense, cypress, geranium, spruce, sandalwood, tea tree, mandarin.
  • Third-eye Chakra – Frankincense, cedar, spruce, pine, rose, rosemary, clary sage, oregano, marjoram, thyme, lavender.
  • Crown Chakra – Frankincense, jasmine, myrrh, sandalwood, spruce, lavender, rose, ravensara, basil, rosemary.

Make your own Chakra Balancing Roll-on

  • Glass Roller Bottle
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • 2 drops of each: Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon & Peppermint