New Year to Wellness

A simple google search will tell you the 92% of people don’t achieve their goals. There is a multitude of reasons for quitting before you reach the finish line. They ALL ultimately fall under two insecurities:


Fear is a powerful thing. It creeps into everything you do: every opportunity, every decision, every responsibility. It can be a driving force or a crippling one. Sometimes it feels easier to stay comfortable exactly where you are rather than discover what is on the other side of the finish line. Fear is not something you overcome or learn how to remove altogether. Instead, recognize your excuses as FEAR.

Next time you find yourself "falling off the wagon," think about why you made the choice to compromise and give up on yourself. Was fear a part of it?


For those that resonate with this insecurity, it is likely that this feeling of "being unworthy" stems from a time in your past when you might have been told that you didn’t deserve something, or you may have had your heart set on something and experienced disappointment when you didn't get it. Who hasn't felt disappointment in this way before?

These experiences are important for growth in your life; however, If you are not in tune with your thoughts and you become wrapped up in your own EGO when expectations are not met, it is easy to feel like you aren't deserving or worthy of things you THINK you want in life. Telling yourself you are unworthy and undeserving will only bring more pain and suffering.

"So what can I do?"


*I am not a doctor. I am not here to diagnose, treat, or cure any of your illnesses. The content I cover is for informational purposes only.

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Before we get started, take a moment to look at this wellness wheel and explore where you are at in these 5 different categories:

  • Mindfulness / Self-Confidence
  • Diet / Self Care
  • Physical Activity / Movement
  • Career / Life Purpose
  • Relationships with Others


Rate each category from 1-10. 1 is "not satisfied" and 10 is "beyond satisfied." For example, if you work out roughly five days a week and feel confident in your physical fitness but desire to bring more stretching and mobility into your life, you might rate your "Physical Activity/Movement" an 8.

How balanced does your wheel look? If it's a little out of balance, that’s okay! Throughout this class, we will give you tips and tools in each of these categories to focus on your health and wellness in the new year.


I am so excited you are here, making your health and well-being a priority this year.

The New Year is a symbol of starting fresh. It's probably not surprising that the two most popular New Year's resolutions are "Staying fit and healthy" and "Losing Weight." It is also probably no surprise that most people don't feel they ever reach their New Year's goals or give up before they do.

This often happens because they don't set a plan on HOW to actually do that. They think, "I want to lose 15 pounds," and so they get a gym membership and show up without a real plan in place. Or they say, "I want to 'get healthy' this year," but they don't really know HOW to do that.

In this class, I am going to give you simple tips on HOW to create healthy habits that are sustainable and will actually help you look and FEEL better.

*I am not a doctor. I am not here to diagnose, treat, or cure any of your illnesses. The content I cover is for informational purposes only.

Quality Matters

Before I get into all of the amazing ways you can stay healthy in 2019 with essential oils and Young Living products, I want to share with you why I believe in and trust Young Living and their quality products.

Young Living calls it a seed to seal promise and they stamp it on every single one of their products. They abide by very strict guidelines to fulfill their promise to send pure, safe, and effective products to your home.

Here are some of the guidelines:

- Their farms and partner farms all abide by strict standards.

- They select the strongest seeds from strong thriving plants.

- They hand-weed and use their own oils on plants for pest control to avoid the use of toxic chemicals.

- They harvest at peak times to ensure quality oils.

- They distill on site without chemicals.

- They test every batch. If it doesn’t meet their standards because of weather conditions or for any other reason, they do not bottle it up.

All of these factors make a huge difference in quality and effectiveness.

Check out more about their Seed to Seal promise at

How important is it that you invest in quality and effective products?

Usage and Safety

There are three very important guidelines to follow when using your oils.

  • DILUTE YOUR OILS: Essential oils very very potent and a little goes a long way. Diluting your oils will not only keep you safe, but will make your oils go further.


  • FOLLOW DIRECTIONS ON THE LABELS: Some oils are ideal for topical and aromatic use, some oils are designed for internal use.

*Once you get your own starter kit, your sponsor or I will connect with you and go over safety tips and suggestions in more detail!

1. Topically - Apply on your skin. Dilute with a carrier oil like coconut oil or grapeseed oil. They are quickly absorbed and effective.

2. Aromatically - Use in the diffuser or by inhaling from diffuser jewelry or just put some on your hands.

3. Internally -Young Living oils from the Vitality line are safe to ingest. The labels that are white are from their Vitality line and have dietary instructions on them.

* NOTE: Oils in the regular solid colored label bottles are the same as the vitality bottles. For example, Peppermint oil from the regular line and Peppermint oil from the vitality line have different labels (per FDA rules) but are the SAME OIL.

Personal Growth: Turning Inward

Once your mindset changes from within, everything on the outside will change with it. The mind is a VERY powerful thing. What you THINK becomes what you DO and what you DO becomes who you ARE.

Spending the time and energy to reflect on yourself, through journaling, meditation, or other mind/body connection activities like yoga can help you uncover your goals and shift your mindset in a positive and productive way.

Try these 4 tools to help you turn inward and reflect:

  1. Use conscious language to speak with positive intention.
  2. Write down a list of things you are grateful for each day.
  3. Train your brain to think your future into existence with personal affirmations.
  4. Write down or reflect your future goals coming to life with visualization.

Essential oils can take these daily practices to the next level.




- Frankincense - used in meditation for its ability to ground, balance, and uplift.

- Peace & Calming™ - The Ylang Ylang in this blend has been said to balance male and female energies. GREAT for meditation.


- Release™ - a blend with a relaxing aroma that facilitates the ability to let go of anger and frustration. It also promotes harmony and balance when diffused. Use this when journaling or reading.

- Gratitude™ - Foster a grateful attitude and embrace the blessings in your life. The uplifting aroma of Gratitude™ invites a feeling of emotional and spiritual progress.

How much time do you currently spend doing these activities?

Physical Activity: Preparation

Most excuses for not working out have something to do with “not having enough time.” One easy way to remove this excuse from your vocabulary is to plan for your workouts ahead of time.

  1. Plan your workout time the day before and keep it sacred.
  2. Tell people you are planning to work out a certain number of times a week so that they can help hold you accountable.
  3. Pack a gym bag and keep it in your car so that you can stop at the gym or a fitness class while you are out and about.


- 2 T. witch hazel

- 15 drops of preferred essential oil

- 3 oz. of water

Combine ingredients in a spray bottle and use as needed.

Purification Essential Oil is great for getting odors out of shoes and a stinky gym bag. I use Purification for my "stinky" boys. Thieves Essential Oil is preferred when wet gym clothes will be stuck in your bag all day.

TIP: Apply a few drops of diluted PanAway Essential Oil to sore muscles after your workout. This will prevent the excuse “I’m too sore to workout” on day two! Put R.C. Essential Oil on your chest prior to getting on the treadmill or working out.

What is your typical excuse for not getting your workout in. Be honest!

Diet/Tips for Success

TIP 1: PLAN FOR THE WEEK AHEAD: Make a list of things you can cook at the beginning of the week and enjoy multiple times during the week. Soups, chili, grilled chicken breast, & sauteed veggies are examples of foods that can be made in larger amounts and spread out throughout the week.

TIP 2: MAKE IT EASY TO STAY ON TRACK: Store healthy foods in clear containers on the top shelf of the fridge and at the front of your pantry. This is a mental trick.

TIP 3: SNACK TIP FOR BUSY BEES: Prepare your snacks in advance to make them easy to grab and go. If you have a snack on hand, you are less likely to turn to something sugary and processed that will make you feel sluggish while hindering your new healthy habits.

TIP 4: DITCH AND SWITCH: When focusing on your diet, one of my favorite tricks is to swap out unhealthy ingredients for healthy ones. Here are a few easy swaps:

  • DITCH Spaghetti & SWITCH to zucchini noodles
  • DITCH chips and crackers & SWITCH to air popped popcorn
  • DITCH soda & SWITCH to sparkling water or tea (hot or cold)
  • DITCH sugary breakfast & SWITCH to overnight oats or hard boiled eggs and side of fruit


Wolfberry Trail Mix

Mix together your favorite nuts and seeds (almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds, etc.) and add in Young Living Dried Wolfberries. Try this combination:

- 1 cup Young Living Dried Wolfberries

- 1/2 cup bananas chips (optional)

- 1 cup Almonds

- 1 cup Cashews

- 1/2 cup Pumpkin seeds

- 1 cup dark chocolate chips (options)

- Store in Ziploc snack bags for easy grab & go.

Veggie Dip

- 2 cups plain Greek yogurt.

- 6 drops Dill Vitality™ essential oil or 1 tablespoon dried dill weed.

- 2 drops Lemon Vitality™ essential oil or ½ teaspoon lemon juice.

- 2 cloves garlic, minced.

- 1 teaspoon onion powder.

- ½ teaspoon Himalayan pink salt.

Mix together, chop your favorite veggies and enjoy!

What is one of your biggest struggles in preparing healthy meals throughout the day?


A morning routine might be the most important thing you do in a day. A solid morning routine will set you up for success throughout the rest of your day. It will make you feel GREAT and ready to tackle the world. Spend a half an hour a day taking care of yourself and you will optimize your productivity all day long.

I have come up with ten activities for you to accomplish in the morning. They will set you up for success, which is why you should incorporate these practice into your daily routine.

  1. Make your bed
  2. Drink a glass of water right when you wake up add a drop of Lemon Vitality to it!!
  3. Take a shot of NingXia Red - add some Vitality Essential Oils to add a bigger punch
  4. Wash your face and brush your teeth
  5. Take your Vitamins
  6. Eat a balanced breakfast
  7. Exercise or take a little time to move, stretch, etc.
  8. Pamper yourself (use a skin brush, take a bath, or exfoliate with a coffee skin scrub)
  9. Take three deep breaths
  10. Find gratitude in your life/journal

Here is a clean recipe for an invigorating body scrub perfect for exfoliation and managing any cellulite problem areas:

Coffee Skin Scrub


- 8 oz. glass jar with lid

- 10 drops Grapefruit essential oil

- 5 drops Cypress essential oil

- 1 cup unbrewed ground coffee

- ½ cup olive oil or other oil of your choosing.


- Combine all ingredients.

- Mix together well.

- Store in a cool dark place.

Apply scrub all over in the shower a few times a week to desired areas such as thighs, belly, and arms, and rinse off.

Worried about it going down the drain? Apply a screen over your drain to catch the coffee grounds.

What is your favorite daily routine?

Relationships with Others

Whether you are spending time with your kids, enjoying a girls night in, or catching up with some friends, cultivating deep, intentional relationships with others is important for growth and balance in your life.

Take a look at your “relationship with others” ranking on your wellness wheel. If your relationship with others section is at a 6 or lower, now is the time to invest some energy in cultivating strong relationships.


Finding time and space for family and maintaining those relationships is crucial for a balanced life. Setting boundaries and carving out a specific time each day can help you keep your family time sacred. Here are a few tips:

  1. Apply or diffuse Present Time essential oil to help you focus on the here and now, so you can get beyond the past and move forward while re-establishing your boundaries and committing to family time in 2019.
  2. Be vocal to your friends and team members about what time of the day you are turning off your phone and checking out of social media. Write down your three non-negotiables and stick to them!
  3. Don’t be so quick with your answers when your team reaches out with questions. This sounds harsh but if you set the expectation with your team that you will get back to them during your business hours, it will empower them to look for the answers first and practice patience and respect with your boundaries. This can be applied to many scenarios!


“We are the average of the five people we associate with most.” Reflect on that for a moment. Who is in your tight circle? Who is your tribe? Are they positive, motivated, excited about life, about the future, about their goals? If not, start to invest your energy in surrounding yourself with more positive people. Invite them to a girls night out and get ready together with Young Living Savvy minerals makeup. Gather the guys together for a fun evening with a NingXia Red bar. Plan a night cooking with Young Living's Vitality Line of Essential or oils. Have a crafty evening making DIY projects.

PRO TIP: If you haven’t tried the Savvy makeup and Young Living skin care products, they are A-MA-ZING! They don’t have any harmful ingredients like conventional products and they have ingredients that are beneficial for your skin!

To learn more about the Savvy Makeup line, Check out this class:

Think about five people in the world that always lift you up and inspire you to be a better version of yourself!

Career/Life Purpose

The average person will spend 90,000 hours of work in their lifetime. That is a lot of time spent NOT doing something that you love. The modern employee changes career paths 12-15 times throughout their lives. What might that say about people's satisfaction in the work that they do?

86% of people today report making extra money on a side hustle! Having a side hustle is not only a way to bring in extra income but it provides a creative outlet doing something they love or are passionate about. For some, it could be building a business helping others find health and wellness through Young Living products, for others it could be coaching a sport, or starting an Etsy shop to sell homemade goods or art. It is encouraging to know that today more and more people are feeling inspired to do things they love!

You are the only person in your life that can discover your true passion. Maybe you already know what that is or maybe it will take a life of exploration. Wherever you are in the process, there’s an oil to support you on your journey.


ABUNDANCE: This blend combines oils such as Orange and Ginger, which were used by ancient cultures to attract prosperity and magnify joy and peace.

STRESS AWAY: This blend of Copaiba, Lime, Cedarwood, Vanilla extract, Ocotea, and Lavender includes soothing and calming oils to help you feel stress-free during the daily grind or while exploring your life’s passion.

EN-R-GEE: Diffuse or apply topically during your morning routine before work or during that mid-day slump to enjoy the stimulating, spicy-pine fragrance of Rosemary, Juniper, Lemongrass, Nutmeg, Balsam Fir, Clove, and Black Pepper essential oils.


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Final Thoughts and Thank you

The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) did a study on accountability and found that you have a 65% greater likelihood of completing a goal if you commit to someone. Regular “appointments” or check-ins with someone can increase your success rate to 95%.

Find an accountability partner who shares similar goals with you in 2019 and try these tricks:

  1. SIGN AN ACCOUNTABILITY CONTRACT: Make sure to clearly state your SMART goals in your contract with weekly action plans and clear end goals that are realistic, timely, and measurable.
  2. CHECK IN ON A WEEKLY BASIS: Use your weekly action plans in your contract to guide your weekly check-in with your accountability partner. If you didn’t hit your goals, play the game of whys - ask yourself “why” after each reason for not hitting goals” so that you can get to the true root and adjust accordingly.


GOAL: I will spend 30 minutes each day focusing on MY personal growth by meditating, journaling, or mild physical activity (moving meditation).


I only had time for this 2 times this week.

> WHY?

>> Because I woke up tired and mornings are the only time of day I have to myself.

> WHY were you tired?

>> Because I went to bed late.

> WHY did you go to bed late?

>> Because my kids stayed up until 10.

> WHY did your kids stay up until 10?

>> Because we didn’t have dinner until 8:30 so bedtime routine got pushed back.

> WHY didn’t you start dinner until 8:30?

See where I’m going with this? When we ask the “why” questions, we are able to see where our roadblocks start and make the proper changes to lead to success.

Grab your accountability partner and I’ll see you on January 7th for 28 to Elevate!

Please reach out to me or the person who invited you for support in your goals in 2019!

Thank you SO much for investing your precious time to educate yourself.

Wishing you Health and Wellness in 2019!

Essentially Yours,

Brigitte Dilbeck - Oils to Share